SkyeHi Australian Shepherds
~ Awesome Aussies From The North West ~

Producing quality Australian Shepherds since 2002
Our proven foundation lines produce exceptional quality puppies. Expect your puppy to be focused, intelligent, loving, loyal willing and of course gorgeous!!
SkyeHi is located in Washougal WA

About SkyeHi
My first horse was named SkyHi Brandi Wine. When she passed away I said that one day I would name my "place" after her. So our cosy 3 acres in the beautiful Skamania county of WA became 'SkyeHi'. It turned out to be a very fitting name as we have a panoramic view of mountains.

It seems like I have always worked with animals. My first job was at a horse rental stable in New Forest, England, where I did everything from cleaning stalls to leading out riders. After that came pet stores, more stables and I am currently working as a veterinarian technician at an animal clinic. I've volunteered at a wild life animal rescue shelter and have fed everything from Boa's to Bears.

Why Breed?
I feel that I have an extensive knowledge of animals as well as a devoted love, therefore I sincerely want to contribute to the growth, education, and acknowledgment of the beautiful Australian Shepherd breed. Being a vet tech I am also extremly prepared for all phases of animal ownership.

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