Kzar Spurrin Up Dust of SkyeHi ~ DNA-CP
Blue Merle Female DOB 02/15/03
Sire: Hobie Juan Kenobi .. Dam: Kzar Maggies Jodi Mae
SkyeHi Australian Shepherds
When Chyna looks at you with her big blue's, she WILL get what she wants. There is no way to resist her. She is a beautiful dog.

Chyna has a very strong personality and is usually the leader of the pack when it comes to getting into something. She is strong and sure of herself and ready to take on any task.

Chyna and Roper love to play ball

Chyna babysitting Brinleys pups 2005

Chyna is also retired - Chyna had beautiful puppies and they were always a bit tenacious.........just like her.

"Got a ya got one....ball....huh....someone say ball?"

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